As a Consultant you will spend most of your time split between:

  • Requirement gathering and relationship building - business development on the telephone through cold calling and warm calling, lead chasing, relationship building, ideally visiting with client line managers face to face, developing meaningful quality relationships.
  • Finding / validating candidates for roles, delivering qualified candidates to clients, arranging interviews, negotiating, etc.

You will be judged only by your own ability to be successful.

E-Resourcing measures people against activity and ultimately Gross Profit produced.

The position also carries with it the challenge and rewards of a personal quota and the attendant risks of failure. This role is regarded as the bastion of the producers of Gross Profit for the company.

Key Skills:

 Great communication skills, both written and verbal

  • Relationship building skills
  • Telephone skills
  • High activity levels
  • Ability to work quickly, accurately and consistently.
  • Good ‘memory' skills
  • All round ability skills
  • Good intelligence and attitude
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Bright, enthusiastic, competitive, energetic, intelligent, articulate, street wise
  • Great organisation skills
  • Team player
  • Good people skills
  • Patient, diplomatic, empathetic, enthusiastic
  • Good administration skills, Microsoft, etc.
  • Tenacity