Our Culture

The culture at E-Resourcing is a key component of our success.  We have built an organisation that engenders mutual respect and professionalism at all times with clients, candidates, contractors and staff alike.

Our people are mature in their approach, backed up by a determined and ethical style. 

Career progression is based on merit with a strong emphasis on team orientation whereby we all work hard, support each other and yet ensure we have opportunities to enjoy ourselves on a regular basis.

From Day One all staff buy into the overall company long term goals.  These goals are then broken down into the annual target of the company and each person knows how they will contribute and be measured to ensure we achieve the monthly and annual targets.  We take a more holistic approach to the management and measurement of our staff than many of our competitors, we do not simply measure success by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) but we look at overall performance and do our level best to coach and mentor people to achieve if they are falling short. Providing they are doing the basics right and with the right attitude, we are sure success will follow.

Many of the goals are set for the whole team so everyone will enjoy the benefit of success whatever their contribution has been.  In this way we build a culture where everyone celebrates each other's success and we are all helping each other to achieve the same goals.

Consequently, E-Resourcing is not a hire-and-fire organisation that so typifies many recruitment companies.  If we show the faith in you to offer you a role and you show faith in us to entrust us with your future career with the company then we believe it is our duty to do everything we can to ensure you are successful.  So we will develop personal development plans with you which will show you what you need to do to be promoted and what we need to do to help you, including training plans both internal to the company and using external specialist companies.

Once you are with us it is all about how we can help you achieve the most you can, but without burning you out.  In that respect we like to ensure that, as well as working hard, you take plenty of holidays, including company trips, and get to celebrate personal and family events so we try to be as flexible as we can if you need to have time off.  We recognise that committment is a two way street.