Training and Development

E-Resourcing runs a very comprehensive induction and training programme.  It is designed to take people, with no experience of IT nor of the recruitment industry, to a point where they can quickly be of value to the applicants, consultants and clients.  Thereafter there are progressive training courses, workshops and seminars designed to develop the full potential of each member of staff.


  • Structured comprehensive plan run over several weeks
  • Each individual module is delivered by people with between 12 and 30 years of recruitment experience
  • Stepped introduction to business systems and processes
  • Introductions to all areas of the business to build internal and external relationships

 Other Qualifications

  • Opportunity to increase knowledge and gain qualifications in recruitment industry potentially to as far as a full degree course
  • Support in furthering knowledge in specialist markets

 Opportunity to progress

  • A clear career ladder with defined objectives and targets enabling you to push your career forward
  • Support in expanding knowledge and skills from very experienced recruitment professionals
  • Committed support and investment to help grow and expand your business