E-Resourcing Office Locations

E-Resourcing has sited it's offices within easy reach of the cities and the main motorways 

The Head Office of E-Resourcing and it's main trading base is in Epsom, Surrey.  The modern, air conditioned building, is conveniently located 3 minutes walk from the train station and one minute from the main Ashley shopping centre.  Epsom has regular train services to London, taking less than 40 minutes.  Epsom is within the M25 and is directly south of Central London.  The office can be easily reached from the M25 and M23.

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The Belgium Office is located near the airport in the central part of the business sector of Diegem. It is located in the Twin Squares estate on the main communication road (boulevard Léopold III) between place Meiser and Brussels-Zaventem international airport. Many companies have established their headquarters in this Business Estate as it is also conveniently close to the Brussels ring road and to Diegem station.

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