E-Assurance - Supporting your Testing and Quality Assurance practices

E-Assurance is a specialist division of the E-Resourcing Group. It is a highly experienced technical recruitment organisation committed to providing quality skills to client organisations' Testing and QA delivery teams.

E-Assurance is staffed by very experienced professionals focused on providing exceptional customer service, with every member of the delivery team specifically trained in the supply of these skill areas.

From a candidate's perspective, dealing with recruiters who understand testing, the different aspects of the discipline and the jobs within it is invaluable - how do you know if a job is right for you unless you have in depth information on the role and its context within the company?

Recruiting people who have the right skills that can quickly and easily fit into your culture is fundamental to any organisation. So, getting recruitment right can really make the difference between success and failure to your business performance.


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If you are interested in a permanent or contract role within Testing or Quality Assurance please send your CV to CVs@E-Assurance.co.uk