DevOps is not a tool, it’s an approach and it’s a culture with an objective to optimize the Software Development Life Cycle by bringing development and operations closer and ensuring a more efficient automation & continuous deployment process. It’s a new ideology that has swept IT organizations worldwide, boosting project life-cycles and in turn increasing profits.

A DevOps culture allows a safe, agile environment for the whole IT infrastructure to blossom in a more profitable way than ever before. The DevOps ideals extend agile development further by streamlining the movement of software changes through the build, validate, and deploy and delivery stages, while empowering cross-functional teams with full ownership of software applications – from design through production support.

DevOps related tech:

  • Automation tools: Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, Saltstack and New Relic.
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & bespoke platforms.
  • Containerisation tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Solaris and many more.
  • Used in a variety of programming languages such as Python, Java, Bash, Shell, .NET & Ruby.
  • The most important skills for a DevOps candidate, is to be able to communicate successfully and understand different forms of communication that will benefit each IT infrastructure respectively.

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