Digital Niche Areas

The E-Resourcing digital team represent everything that is innovative and emerging in the digital world. By immersing ourselves in the digital market we have become a trusted partner to highly skilled permanent and contract candidates and a number of high profile digital clients. These clients rely on us to be proactive in this competitive space and this is achieved by curating and attending specialist community meet-ups in addition to running high profile groups on social and professional networking sites.  Be it Product Management, Agile/Scrum Coaches, UX/I, User Research, Customer Insight or Web Development , we truly understand the challenges and opportunities of the digital era. 

From a candidate's perspective the chance to work with dedicated recruiters that really understand their skill set and the type of work they look for means that the time to hire is greatly reduced. In a crowded recruiter market having real first hand candidate and client experience is extremely important in gaining trust and showing integrity, understanding and professionalism.

Recruiting people who have the right skills that can quickly and easily fit into your culture is fundamental to any organisation. So, getting recruitment right can really make the difference between success and failure to your business performance.

Digital Niche Area's:

  • Product Management - all levels
  • Scrum Masters & Agile Trainers / Coaches - all levels
  • UX / UI - all levels
  • Front End / JavaScript - all levels
  • Digital Project Managers - all levels
  • Digital Business Analysts - all levels