Recruitment Service Delivery Methods

Due to the extensive experience of its staff, E-Resourcing can provide a full range of Recruitment services, from individual contingent recruitment to the provision of complete project teams, through to advice and consultation for a total outsourced recruitment service.

These services are carried out across Permanent, Contract and Interim requirements both in the UK and in Mainland Europe:

Contingency - The searching for candidates across our own database and a wide variety of Social Media such as Linkedin and Facebook, industry databases such as Monster, Jobserve and Jobsite and other specialist websites. This service will invariably also involve us advertising in the various appropriate digital media

Campaign Management - a co-ordinated advertising campaign (possibly involving printed media advertising as well as web advertising) to find particular types of candidates who are not generally or necessarily registered on the databases. This service would always be combined with Contingency Recruitment methods and facilities

Executive Search - We specifically target other users of certain skill sets and head hunt them for you, but additionally, use Contingency Database Recruitment and Campaign Management to augment this service.

Project Team Solutions - E-Resourcing is very experienced at recruiting complete teams ranging from standard service/help desk teams to a complete Programme Management Office or Development team, ensuring all skills, characters, and levels are recruited to match the client's objectives

Managed Staffing Programmes & RPOs - E-Resourcing staff have considerable experience in implementing, running and also consulting on Managed Staffing Programmes and Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO for clients of both small local sites and large multinationals. All requirements for the client organisation are handled by ourselves, usually on the client's sites, saving significant costs and relieving the client organisation of the recruitment process (but not the final hiring choice), shortening the time to hire and also providing management and reporting on all aspects of the permanent and non permanent staff hires.

Additional Services - E-Resourcing is happy to discuss the inclusion of the following aspects of our recruitment service for contractors and/or permanent candidates:

  • Assessment days
  • Psychometric profiling
  • Background Checks
  • Technical Assessments

E-Resourcing will flex its service as much as possible to meet client needs. Business demand never runs in a linear manner and we have the strength in depth within our organisation to allow for us to raise and lower the head count dedicated to a client's recruiting requirements. We have great experience of also developing and being successful at delivering new services and methods as our clients move into new areas or come under new pressures.