Change/Release Senior Manager

  • Job Reference: HQ00016181
  • Date Posted: 27 May 2019
  • Recruiter: E-Resourcing
  • Location: Brussels
  • Salary: £.84 to £1.68
  • Sector: Belgium
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Work Hours: Full Time

Job Description

Change/ Release Senior Manager: Permanent Position: English + French or Dutch
Job description
As process owner, the Change/Release/Deployment (CRD) Senior Manager is responsible for designing and operating a set of processes aiming at introducing infrastructure and software changes in the production environment while ensuring its integrity.
He is responsible for ensuring that the changes and releases processes are designed for supporting the different IT delivery model (Waterfall/Devops/…) and are adapted to different types of platforms (On premises/ Private and Public cloud).
He is responsible for the Release Management Process and for the Change Advisory Board process as defined by ITIL.
Regarding the Release Management process, the CRD Senior Manager ( with his team) holds the responsibility for coordinating the detailed planning of the Release Build, the Release Tests and the Release Deployment and put necessary means in place to control that delivery is on time, with expected quality. He controls at every stage of the release life cycle that Changes are prepared according to defined quality standards and he coordinates the End to End Test prior production GO life.
Regarding the CAB process, the CRD Senior Manager is responsible for delivering support to the change Management team by approving requested changes, assisting in the assessment and prioritization of changes. For approving changes, The CRD senior Manager is responsible for ensuring involvement of business representatives and technical experts selectively chosen to guarantee that the requested changes are thoroughly checked and assessed from both a technical and business perspective.
By adopting a balanced risk management posture and by seeking to optimize the number of opportunities to bring changes, the CRD Senior manager is a key contributor to maximize the value that I.T can bring to the business.
The CRD senior manager is a key contributor to business continuity.
By liaising with the Business Engagement Managers, he permanently seeks to align the Release and Change planning with the Business needs and to right size his team in line with volumes and complexity of anticipated changes or load of releases.
By liaising with the main Suppliers through the authorized communication channels, he continuously aims to optimize the release processes to maximize efficiency.
By Liaising with the Sprint leads and Project Managers, he guides them towards best practices and guarantees that the necessary process documentation is available.
In a Multi-vendor environment, the Senior CRD is a key contributor to the integration of business solution components
He aims at facilitating the collaboration and communication of both software developers and IT Operations while automating the process of software delivery including testing and deploying software releases in a measurable way.
To reach his objectives, the CRD Senior Manager is responsible for continuously developing the necessary skills of his team.
As member of the SMI management team, he is responsible for contributing to the SMI and IT strategy definition and governance with the only objective to maximize the IT contribution to business benefits.
Regarding Release Management, the Senior CRD Manager is responsible for performing the following activities:
Release Management Support providing guidelines and support for the deployment of releases.
Release Planning in coordination with Business Engagement Managers, Project Managers and Intake Leads to assign authorized Changes to Release packages and to define the scope and content of Releases.
Release Build coordination with Project Managers and Sprint leads so that at the end of this process, all required Release components (internally developed or sourced from external partners) are ready to enter the testing phase.
Release Deployment to deploy the Release components into the live production environment. This process is also responsible for training end-users and operating staff and circulating information/ documentation on the newly deployed Release or the services it supports.
Release Closure to formally close a Release
Overall Release testing and Acceptance so that at the end of this process, all required Release Components are ready to be migrated to production. Accepting and reviewing Release request submitted by multiple stakeholders, requiring knowledge of business environment and infrastructure, for proper assessment to ascertain and mitigate potential business impact.
Collaborating with Project Manager and Sprint leads to ensure proper documentation is provided within Release request and ensures adherence to established process and procedures with regards to Release and Deployment management.
Ensuring adequate information is supplied for impact assessment that will drive subsequently the deployment approach (release level, constraints, risks, …).
Checking supporting technology are reviewed and enhanced where applicable.
monitoring and building Release and Deployment reporting on relevant KPIs
Plan on a regular basis Change Advisory Board
Chair the CAB meeting
Document requested changes risk assessment
Decide on changes planning
Maintain a log of changes
Inform the organization about impact of introducing changes
Monitor that changes are executed according planning and are not business disruptive
Is the authority to decide on emergency changes
liaising with the other following IT Service Management process areas including Configuration Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management, Environment Management to ensure that the related disciplines are appropriately accounted for and provide seamless service transition.
Liaising with dedicated Supplier Service Delivery Managers to coordinate detailed release planning and release tests.
Regarding Change Approval Board process, the Senior CRD Manager (with his team) is responsible for:
Plan on a regular basis Change Advisory Board
Chair the CAB meeting
Document requested changes risk assessment
Decide on changes planning
Maintain a log of changes
Inform the organization about impact of introducing changes
Monitor that changes are executed according planning and are not business disruptive
Is the authority to decide on emergency changes

The Following list of activities is common to all processes in scope :
Process design and Documentation
Selection and customization of Tooling
KPIs definition
Reporting and review meetings
Lessons learned report
Preparation of feedback reports destined to internal customers
Processes sourcing according Service windows
Training of the Business and IT stake holder.
Audit support
Escalation and exceptions handling
Release specific requirements definition during Sprint and project intake phase (environments, Downtime ….)

Business skills

Familiar with the Offshore sourcing model "as a service".
Fair understanding of service delivery principles and have experience in managing service levels.
Experience in understanding terms and conditions of a service delivery contract.
Innovative in respect of service quality and ways in which it can be improved within the bounds of the organization's limits (resource, budgetary, legal etc.)
Analytical skills.
Understanding of a wide range of technologies and tools used by the Supplier to deliver the services, which allows you to be a constructive interlocutor in all your interactions with the Supplier.
Ability to translate technical requirements and specifications into easily understood business concepts and vice versa
Stress resistant and demonstrate patience, tolerance and resilience
Technical skills

ITIL v3 and more specifically Change Management Process
Fair understanding of software build
Fair understanding of Infrastructure components
Fair Knowledge of automated release tools and automated test tools.
Process design
Social skills

Comfortable in a multi-cultural environment.
Ability to advise and interact with all levels of management
Can resist to business pressure
Organisational skills in order to manage and prioritise work and initiatives under deadlines
Excellent communication (written and oral) and presentation skills
Supportive driving source for your environment
Strong influence and negotiation skills
Comfortable in Operating in a fast-changing environment as a change enabler to internal clients
Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment, critical and constructive thinking.
University degree in Information Technology or equivalent by experience
Held an IT function for 10+ years
Substantial experience working in IT outsourcing
Excellent written and oral skills in English, Dutch and/or French