Freelancer Terminology

The terms Interim, Consultant, Contractor, or Temporary all refer to independent or Freelance roles and are somewhat synonymous.

  • An "Interim" position is generally the term used for very senior roles, even Board level. It is a role that is seen as having a management capacity and is not a position where the person is told what to do on a day-to-day basis but has strategic goals. They are almost always hired on a "Professional day" rate or on a fixed term rate.
  • A "Consultant" is a term often used for an Interim or a Contractor and is frequently someone who is hired for their specific professional and, usually, strategic knowledge, but the role may not have management responsibilities. A Consultant is frequently the name used for someone from a Consultancy - a firm with a number of such specialists. They are invariably hired on a "Professional day" rate.
  • A "Contractor" is the most commonly used term for a specially skilled professional worker. Often they are also referred to as Contract Consultants.  They are usually hired to carry out a clearly defined role such as programming in Java. They may be hired on an hourly or "Professional day" rate.
  • A "Temporary" worker is someone who is hired on an hourly rate and is considered to be under the day-to-day direction of the client manager.