Environmental Policy

E-Resourcing is committed to supporting sustainability and environmental management recognising that all businesses can measure and reduce their Carbon footprint and their damage to the environment.


E-Resourcing is committed to actively managing all environmental aspects that it can influence and control in all parts of its business. These environmental aspects are periodically reviewed to optimise effectiveness.

We aim to:

  • Measure and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Measure and reduce waste produced
  • Measure and reduce risk of environmental pollution

We are also:

  • Committed to practices which support responsible and sustainable operations
  • Encouraging suppliers and clients to support responsible and sustainable operations reducing their carbon footprint

The climate crisis is one of the most significant challenges facing the planet. We are committed to making a positive environmental contribution and recognise our responsibility to ensure a bright future for the next generation. We recognise all companies have an important role to play in achieving environmental sustainability through targeted actions in our organisation and wider value chain. We are determined to lead the way and be part of the solution. Our Carbon Reduction Pathway is guided by the three steps:

  • Review assess and improve processes, tools, and systems for carbon emission data collection
  • Implement energy and carbon reduction and efficiency measures to reduce energy demand
  • Identify, and implement measures to make greater use of renewables


E-Resourcing will work at reducing our energy consumption, choosing more efficient low energy products and solutions and wherever possible low carbon suppliers. We will reduce non-essential business travel, especially air travel. We will move to greater use of Hybrid and Electric cars. 

This reduction will be achieved by implementing revised policies and procedures and making better use of technology for international meetings.

We want our suppliers to operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner as well, meeting all national and regional legislative requirements to reduce carbon emissions, and disposing of waste responsibly (including recycling wherever possible).  

We recycle waste where possible. This includes plastics and paper in particular. Our selection of suppliers will also be influenced by their recycling and renewable policies. By moving to cloud servers, we have reduced our IT energy usage. Printing has been dramatically reduced and is actively discouraged where appropriate. In our offices we have moved to a majority of energy saving LED light fittings. The use of renewable energy in the tech sector is of utmost importance.  

Used IT equipment is recycled or disposed of responsibly using suppliers that operate according to our Supplier Code of Conduct and appropriate law. IT equipment is also donated to charities where possible. Our objectives can only be met if there is a concerted effort across the business to achieve them.

E-Resourcing urges its suppliers to measure your own carbon footprint, take measures to continuously reduce your carbon footprint and together we can achieve a maximum global warming of 1.5% and work towards becoming Net Zero.   

We are pleased to announce that in November 2023 E-Resourcing had reduced its carbon footprint to an estimated total emission of 32.4 tonnes of CO2, down from over 35 tonnes previously. This emissions value was calculated using the Normative Carbon Calculator, available from https://normative.io/  normative carbon calculator 32. 4.pdf

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