Contractor care

E-Resourcing recognises the value and professionalism of the contractors and consultants working with us. We believe that we are working in a symbiotic partnership and we enjoy getting to know you as individuals and, where we can, we will provide advice, guidance and a friendly ear.

  • Before your interview and indeed before you start your contract your Recruitment Consultant will brief you, not only on the assignment details, but also on the culture and character of the company and the individuals you will meet. If you are successful we will also be able to provide information on the locality, and if necessary can help with advice on accommodation as well as accountants (where appropriate) to provide advice on limited company formation and tax etc.
  • Once you have started your assignment your Recruitment Consultant will stay in regular contact with you and your client/manager throughout the time you are working with E-Resourcing, invariably coming to see you and taking you for lunch if possible. He/she will handle all the details with you such as timesheet procedures and will help iron out any issues that might crop up over the management of you and your work at the client. They will also carry out formal reviews with the client and provide you with the feedback for your records and to help in continually improving your performance.
  • When you eventually finish the assignment we will be very keen to stay in contact and find you further work. If you have completed a successful assignment with us we can be even more sure of your reliability and professionalism and will want to present your details first where there is appropriate work.