Contract / Interim Candidates

Many candidates choose to now work in a Freelance capacity as a "Contractor" or "Interim" and this has been, for over 30 years in the UK, a preferred career path. Any role within an organisation could be occupied by someone in an Interim, Consultant, Contractor, or Temporary capacity. These terms all refer to independent or Freelance roles and are somewhat synonymous, the subtleties of the terminology is explained on the Freelancer Terminology page.

Why be a Freelancer?

People like being Freelancers for a number of different reasons, the main ones are shown below:

Financial - Perhaps the most popular reason that people work Freelance, especially in the more senior and technically skilled roles is because, in general, the take-home pay is significantly more than their permanent equivalent.

  • Non- Political - as a Freelancer you should not be involved in the politics of the organisation and can enjoy just doing the role
  • Independence - as a Freelancer you can concentrate on your own career and have the independence to decide when you look for an assignment and for what sort
  • Holidays - because of the reason above many Freelancers choose to have long holidays between assignments to travel and/or indulge in their hobbies such as skiing or diving
  • Alternative Businesses - Many Freelancers choose to run an alternative business as well such as writing websites or renovating houses and by being independent they can allocate as much time as they want to this, around their assignments.
  • Being your own Boss - Many Freelancers enjoy working through their own company and effectively being the Managing Director of their own business 
  • For further advice on contracting/freelancing we recommend reviewing the comprehensive information shown on The Professional Contractor Group website or contact us direct.